We’ve got dancing celebrities and island survivors, but no PR?

6 03 2009

Why is it that amongst all the crazy TV shows out there, there isn’t one about PR? All we’ve got is semi-PR professional, Samantha Jones from Sex and the City, and the version of PR that she portrays doesn’t seem overly accurate.

If you’re wondering what got me started on this little rant, it was something I created last semester that I just came across when I waThe ApPRentices sorting through some files. For a TV-themed event that I worked on, I created a PR-related logo based off of the logo for The Apprentice. At first, I just thought “Hmm, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a PR version of The Apprentice? But, featuring a boss with better hair, of course.”

Then I really got thinking about it, and despite how many ridiculous reality TV shows have been created in recent years, there’s been nothing (at least, from I can remember) based on PR. Yet. Apparently Kelly Cutrone‘s fashion PR agency, People’s Revolution, is going to be the subject of a new Bravo reality show. As much as I love/fear Kelly Cutrone based on what I’ve seen of her on The Hills and The City, I can’t help but worry that this show will just continue to give people the impression that PR is nothing but glamorous parties and celebrities like we see in Sex and the City. The only thing that’s giving me hope that this will not be the case is Kelly Cutrone’s no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is personality. She’s tough and cares more about being honest than hurting someone’s feelings, which is both kind of refreshing, as well as entertaining for TV.

I guess what I’m getting at is that it would just be really cool to see something on TV that accurately portrays at least some elements of the PR world. For now, it looks like all my hopes are pinned on Kelly Cutrone and Bravo.




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11 03 2009

Can’t say I’ve ever seen or heard of Kelly Cutrone (yeah, my reality tv guilty pleasures revolve around Project Runway and most recently, and shamefully, The Bachelor (I cringed even typing it, lol). But I would be intrigued to see if there could be a semi-realistic PR reality show.

11 03 2009

Leanne, if you want to see why I would love for Kelly Cutrone to have her own reality show, take a look at part 2 of this video: http://www.mtv.ca/tvshows/the-hills-season-4/video_content.jhtml?id=1585523

This is just a little glimpse of Kelly at her best, on The Hills. She’s ridiculously straight forward and honest, and doesn’t care how she comes across because she knows she’s right, plus she’s in charge haha. The first time she appeared on The Hills (in season 1, before she became a regular), she actually made Lauren cry! But then in a later season, Kelly offers her a job.

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